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Reduce Your Bill

The FreeMo App is an advertising-supported mobile App that delivers a diverse mix of high-quality, targeted, GPS-based advertisements to customers’ mobile devices. Customers earn credits at their convenience in a variety of interactive methods on their mobile device.

Boost Revenue

Boost your revenue and develop your brand with a White Label App! FreeMo licenses its revolutionary technology to businesses and organizations who want to develop their brand name, incentivize and connect with their existing customers, and generate advertising revenue.

Advertise with Us

Advertise on our Ad Platform! FreeMo’s ad platform is invaluable to advertisers and ad networks. With consumers spending more and more time on their mobile devices, mobile advertising is the most effective means of advertising today.

In 2015, U.S. consumers spent more time on mobile devices than on on TVs or desktops. But cellphone service is becoming increasingly unaffordable, with the average smartphone user paying over $100 a month for their service. FreeMo’s CEO and founder, Leigh Hunt founded FreeMo after twenty years of experience in the cellphone industry to make cellphone service free by allowing users to generate advertising revenue just by using their mobile device.