Guaranteed Full Screen Mobile Impressions

With consumers looking at their smartphones an average of 150 times every day, the FreeMo App offers an invaluable advertising opportunity to show users a high-quality, full screen mobile ad every time the user looks at their phone.

Target Your Perfect Audience

FreeMo can display ads based on virtually any factor (i.e. gender, age, geographic location, time of day, device, carrier, or preference – to name a few). FreeMo gives you direct access your customer at the optimal time.

Unparalleled Exposure and Engagement

Get ahead of the game. Our seamless user experience benefits your brand and offers customers engagement opportunities even before customers check their email, news, and social media.

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App usage (90% of time) dominates browsers in mobile usage…
Isn’t it time for you to get ahead of the game and stake your claim in mobile space now?

Offering both incentivized AND non-incentivized advertising… The FreeMo App is an advertising-supported mobile App that delivers a diverse mix of high-quality, targeted advertisements to customers’ mobile devices. Customers are shown fullscreen lockscreen ads and earn credits at their convenience for watching videos, downloading apps, redeeming coupons and deals, taking surveys, etc. on their mobile device. By redeeming the credits they earn, customers can significantly reduce their cellphone bill. If they earn enough credits, they earn free service! Download our media kit for more information.

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