Will my reward credits ever expire if I do not immediately apply them to my cellphone bill?
No. Any earned but unused reward credits will remain in your account until you apply them to your cellphone bill.

Do my reward credits have cash value?

Not exactly. While you can directly apply the credits to your cellphone bill – thereby reducing your bill by the dollar amount of the credits applied, you cannot sell, transfer or use your credits in any other way.

What do I have to do to apply my reward credits to my cellphone bill?
Log in to the FreeMo App. Select “Redeem Credits” from the homescreen. Enter the number of your available credits you wish to redeem. Select “Credit Account.” The credits will be reflected on your wireless providers’ account within 24 hours. Depending on your carrier, you may have the ability to apply your credits to other services such as internet or utilities bills. For questions regarding which month’s bill the credits will be applied to, please contact your wireless carrier.

When will my earned reward and referral credits be available for use?

Within 24 hours, depending on your carrier. See answer to previous question.

What if I don’t like the types of ads I’m seeing?

Log in to your FreeMo account. From the homescreen, swipe left to pull up your profile. Select “Interests,” and then review and select the categories of ads you wish to see.

Is there a limit on how many people I can get credit for referring?
No! There is no limit. Refer enough people and get free cellphone service that month!

Will FreeMo post to my social media account?
No. Not unless you have expressly authorized us to do so.

How is FreeMo going to let me reduce my cellphone bill even further?
At FreeMo, we believe the future of mobile is free™. As consumers, we are giving advertisers who track what we do on our cellphones valuable marketing data about our interests, preferences, likes, and dislikes. Advertisers profit immensely from this information. So why aren’t consumers being compensated for providing this data? FreeMo’s philosophy is that they should be – in the form of free or discounted cellphone service. We are currently working on a myriad of ways consumers can reduce their cellphone bill beyond the monthly reward and referral credits by, for example, third party App downloads, coupon redemptions, local offers, surveys, or social media posts/shares. Stay tuned – this is only the beginning.

What if I don’t have an Android phone?
Unfortunately, because of limitations on other devices, the FreeMo App is currently only available for versions 15- 23 of the Android operating system. Don’t worry, we’re working on it.

Am I entitled to reward credits based on my current carrier?
No. FreeMo only supports the carriers in the drop down menu. We are always working with new carriers so check back often.